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“Dear Dayna and Molly thanks a lot for sharing such a valuable information
with the kids.The kids enjoyed the session and continued singing song
throughout the day. Meeting the firefighters and clarifying their doubts was
a lifetime experience for them.They have become a big fan of Molly. 

Oakridge International Schoo,l Newton Campus 
Pre-school through 1st Grade

The thirty minute program includes children meeting a real fire safety dog, the reading of the Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog
children’s fire safety book, sharing fire safety messages, singing fire safety songs and administering the Jr. Firefighter
Oath by Hilton and a fire safety dog. The time will also include a question and answer time.

The presentation will be adapted to the age of the audience so that the appropriate fire safety educational messages will
be shared. If multiple classes are grouped together for a presentation, it is suggested that the students are close in age.


  • Introduction of Molly the Fire Safety Dog
  • Brief overview of Dalmatians
  • Brief history of Dalmatians in the fire service
  • Reading of the book, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, by Firefighter and Author, Dayna Hilton
  • Singing of a fire safety song, Get Out Song
  • Sharing of fire safety messages
  • Jr. Firefighter Oath
  • Q & A

Students will learn four valuable fire safety messages that will help keep them and their family fire safe.
These messages include:

  1. Recognizing the firefighter as a helper and a friend
  2. Knowing the sound and purpose of a smoke alarm
  3. Understanding the importance of practicing a home fire drill using an escape map
  4. Knowing when and how to crawl low under smoke
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