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Firefighter Dayna Hilton and her fire safety
dogs have made it their mission to save
lives, reduce injuries and decrease
property loss from fire for over a decade.

As a second generation firefighter, Hilton
joined the fire service in August 2000 and is
recognized as one of the leading fire safety
educators in the country.
Read Hilton's complete bio HERE.
Hilton is Founder and Executive Director of Keep Kids Fire Safe® Foundation,
owner of Firehouse Dog Publishing, LLC® and the author of the award-
winning, critically acclaimed children's fire safety book and audio book,
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog.

Hilton, named one of the “101 Women Bloggers to watch in 2010” by We
Magazine, is an avid blogger and host of, firesafetyeducator.
, Safety Talk™ Radio and the Playing it Safe Blog on In
addition, Hilton hosts numerous other fire safety-related blogs and websites.

Hilton, a certified Public Fire and Life Safety Educator II and  Firefighter II,
served on the Arkansas Fire Prevention Commission, is a deputy fire marshal
for the State of Arkansas and serves on  several national fire service
committees. Hilton is an adjunct instructor for the Arkansas Fire Academy and
a former contract instructor for the National Fire Academy. She served as the
state educator contact for NFPA for the state of Arkansas, and a
Contributing Editor.

Her award winning children's fire safety book,
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog,
was honored to have been mentioned on the Floor of Congress in March 2009
and in a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee
Community Preparedness Sub-Committee in June 2008. Hilton’s fire safety
efforts were recognized on the Arkansas House of Representative Floor in
November 2009 (House Bill 1807). The book is featured in the Home Safety
Council's "Start Safe" pre-school curriculum and Oklahoma State University's
Fire Protection Publication's Fire Safety for Young Children curriculum.

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog is the most current children's fire safety book and
audio book on the market and has been credited with saving the lives of two
adults and seven children.  
Executive Director
"Helping keep children and their families safe."
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